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Arlington, Virginia
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Zwart, Maagd
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Greetings and thanks for stopping by! This year is already better than the previous! NONE of us reflect what we've through, where we've come from or where we aspire to go. At some point we will ALL finish this life - will you have accomplished all that you were charged to do? Thus I've chosen to be in the moment, which is slightly different for me. I purpose to start what I finish, as a friend, sibling, citizen, future wife and mother, and an unapologetic constituent of the African American community. I'm a free-lance professional photographer (2 cameras, several lenses, home studio). I love African American history, namely the 'unpopular truths'. I'm a avid supporter of documentaries such as Hidden Colors I-IV, 1804 and Elementary Genocide. I'm into yoga, fitness and proper nutrition. We live EVERY DAY so we don't live once! However, we only get one body temple. So I am NOT into stocky, a few extra pounds or flat out overweight. Just not my thing at all... Out of shape is NOT my thing sir! As for me and my body, I've been vegan for 11 months and have no plans to default back to previous habits because my body has been restored. Lastly, I readjusted my life's vision - I've got things to do. Plans to finish and one day a family to finish with. Have a WELLNESS day! Eat to Live! And MOVE! Fitness is a 100% solution - 80% nutrition; 20% exercise!

Gespreksstarters (bv. wat zou u willen doen op een eerste date...)
Soup or salad? Meat or meatless? lol! Singing or dancing? Lakers or Celtics? Patrick Ewing or John Thompson the Daddy @ Georgetown?? Let's talk about life and how to live it! How does others impact us and how we plan to change it? How do we take care of others while taking care of ourselves?

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