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Winchester, Virginia
37 year old Vrouw, 180cm, Niet religieus
Kaukasisch/Blank, Steenbok
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Giant's Causeway, Sept 2018

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Over Mij
Putting this at the beginning in an effort to save everyone some time: Kids, drugs, cigarettes, motorcycles, attending church, non-monogamous relationships, and allergies to cats or dogs are deal breakers for me.
I would consider myself adventurous and geeky. I love to travel, exploring, and enjoy time outdoors when the weather is nice. I'd like to find a partner who is wiling and able to travel and hike with me. As much as I love to be on the go, I can still appreciate a lazy weekend at home now and then. I love the outdoors but also really enjoy my creature comforts at the end of the day, camping was fun when I was younger - nowadays I tend to want a hot shower and a memory foam mattress at the end of the day though. ;-)
I'm sort of a foodie... I enjoy finding good food, that can be at a hole in the wall place or somewhere fancy, honestly casual is my preference. That said, I really don't cook, except on extremely rare occasions.
I enjoy technology. I generally keep up with the latest and greatest (or at least try to) and am typically tinkering with something or waiting to see how the next technical developments play out.
I love animals. I'm not really into hunting or fishing but I do love spending time outside and seeing wildlife.
I'm a sucker for romance... holding hands, flowers, bubble baths, a romantic dinner, or any little thing that celebrates a connection to each other.
Intelligence is very attractive to me. I love to learn and will probably always have an insatiable desire for more knowledge.
I'm a pretty down to Earth gal and would probably live in yoga pants and a pullover if I could get away with it. I'm not really into fashion or looking perfectly manicured all the time. I can generally be ready to walk out the door in 5 minutes or so. Don't get me wrong, I'll look presentable but would much rather enjoy a pretty day with the top off the Jeep than have my hair 'just so'.
I'm pretty independent, not having someone to do something with generally doesn't stop me from doing it. However, I completely get that the experience I get doing something fun on my own is generally very different than sharing it with someone special.
I've been told I'm "one of those crazy morning people", I'm not sure I'd go as far as labeling myself a morning person, but I do like to be up enjoying the day more often than not. I can agree I'm definitely not much of a night owl though.
I'm not very good at procrastinating (except maybe a tiny bit for my Master's degree capstone - almost done!). I tend to want to find a solution or answer once a problem is identified. This can be in relation to anything from a home project to a relationship issue. I'm not good at avoidance, I'd much rather just buckle down and figure something out.
I'm a bit introverted but not extremely so. I'm not big on huge or overly loud gatherings. I enjoy some live music but also don't want to have to scream to have a conversation. I can be alone in a crowd and be just fine, but some quiet time is always nice for me after a lot of social interaction (this typically doesn't apply to people I'm very close with such as my significant other). I don't particularly enjoy situations that seem fake or forced, I'd really rather just be myself. Small, intimate gatherings with close family or friends are good though.
I'm not really into sports - watching on TV or participating in them.
I enjoy riding rollercoasters, so it would be great if my significant other does too. This isn't an absolute must but it's nice icing on the cake.
I really enjoy seeing the various Cirque du Soliel shows as their tours come through the area (or in Vegas when I'm there). Cavalia was also amazing when they came through the DC area! As much as I hate driving into 'the city' I'm usually keeping an eye out for events like these, as they are generally worth it.
I can't stand politics and I don't fit particularly well into any specific political box. I'm mostly for individual rights so long as they don't impose on the rights of others. I support the second amendment.
I have no interest in one night stands or casual sex. I'm looking for a committed, monogamous relationship.
I'm not interested in having children or taking on a step-parent roll, so if you have kids or want them we're not a good fit.
I like to read, and would actually like to do more reading, but I sometimes struggle to find books I like. It's even harder to find movies I like (I'm just not much of a movie person) and I've been told my sense of humor is hard to crack (it's really not... I like puns, Dad jokes, word play, etc; "it's funny because it's dumb" just isn't funny to me).
Although I've written a lot here I can be a bit quiet with people I don't really know. I'm comfortable with silence as I'm usually lost in my own head and that sometimes throws people. That said, getting me talking about something I'm passionate about and it's another story.

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