aprillaughs: 2019:Live, work,play in America/aroundtheworld
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Westcoast Reception 2014

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Thanks for voting for me. I have lived, worked and studied in New England and the Tristates before moving to the DC area for a different lifestyle. I live a happy, healthy and hilarious life of stimulating my brain, body and beauty. Beauty is running year round when it is precipitating as only the hearty souls would be on the paths with me. My cheeks are rosy with fresh, crisp oxygen flowing to the rest of my body.

Having a brain is the ability to pair a delicious dish with a surprising drink. Being smart is the ability to carry on a conversation. The ability to talk about anything and everything demonstrates personal development, wisdom gained and experience earned. All are achievements I cherish. How about you?

I am lucky enough to live in a planned community with pleasing lakes just like there are five great lakes in our home country. They are great to be active in and around. I boat, canoe and kayak to their docks, which are lined with unique restaurants to grab a delicious bite while listening to an alfresco concert.

I love rotating among the different swimming pools. I find swimming to be soothing, refreshing and relaxing after work. I enjoy biking and running on the paths to meet friends. The tennis courts are lighted year-round for me to be soared depending on how much fun I want to play. I play tennis to sweat, laugh and rejuvenate. In sum, I enjoy playing sports with a racket--paddle ball, rocketball and squash.

I started to learn to ski and snowboard. I found I enjoy learning to ski and snowboard as I have ice-skated and skateboarded as a kid. I look forward to lessons for snowboarding. Happy to share that I have skied "upper blue trails" well in a season. I am looking forward to skiing the black diamonds in Canada, the States, Asia and Europe where I have family and other continents where I have friends. I love being outside, skiing and snowboarding in the winter as my warm breath meets the cold air.

I am a professional American who value balance, harmony and peace. I appreciate a professional who can integrate life.

In sum, I look forward to meeting you when we are able to carry conversation on the phone. I cherish our ability to talk about anything and everything. The tone, intonation and reflection of our voice are parts of who we are. I look forward to our conversations.

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